Aval Appadithaan – Notes

1. Loved the writing and the jumpiness of the cuts

2. Climax seemed a bit contrived to put the character Manju in a trap and end it on a sad note. But, given the tone of the entire film, a cheerful end would not have made sense.

3. It was interesting to watch the documentary bits. Some parts seemed like they were shot live, with real people.

4. The idea of having a character, whose beliefs are revealed indirectly was admirable. Manju’s character is revealed through the way she retorts, the posters at home and through her own tales, of course. Kamal’s character traits are revealed through the questions he asks the people he is interviewing for his documentary.

5. Rajini’s character is given a nice touch. He’s not someone who goes into a shell after he’s slapped by a woman. He takes it casually. He feels he behaved like a man and she behaved like a woman 🙂 The day after getting the slap, when Manju tells him she wants help, his instant response is, “Should I latch the door?”

6. This is a film that does not explicitly explain to you what the problem for the protagonist Manju is. It shows you stuff that’s happening to her. It shows you how she reacts. You, as an audience, are free to make a judgment. Either like Rajini or like Kamal. The writer too does not try to imbue reason or logic to her actions. In real life, people are unpredictable.

7. Felt Ilaiyaraja’s background score was spot on. Managed to capture the “chanchalam” of Manju’s heart. And Uravugal Thodarkadhai seemed like the perfect song to assuage the agony of someone like Manju.

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