The Psycho in Nadunisi Naaigal

The following is the real story of a man called Gautam, who was found loitering suspiciously in the Satyam theatre car park and was caught by the police. When asked what he was doing there, Gautam reportedly said that he was preparing a story for a film titled Nadunisi Naaigal. Not willing to trust him, the police made him narrate the story of the film, to prove that he was really preparing it. That is when the police realized that Gautam was suffering from multiple personality disorder. The following is what Gautam said during interrogation. 

(Gautam begins to narrate his film story.)
Sameer is sexually abused in his childhood by his own father. Meenakshi amma, a concerned neighbour, brings over the police to save Sameer. Everyone is rounded up and Sameer’s father shoots himself.

(Snap! Gautam’s Hitchcock split-personality takes over the narration.)
After his father’s death, Norman Bates grows extremely close to his mother. And when his mother decides to marry another man, out of jealousy and anger, he poisons both of them. The guilt that he killed his own mother creates a space in Norman’s mind for his mother.

(Violent shaking of the head. Gautam’s personality returns.)
Because he feels the guilt of having caused Meenakshi amma’s death, Veera allows his mind to be dominated by her. He imagines talking to her and she does not like the women he brings to the house and stabs every one of them with a knife.

(Whoosh! Hitchcock personality takes over Gautam.)
After being stabbed in the shower, Marion drops down dead. Norman finds her body and is displeased with his mother for having killed her. He would have to cover up the crime now for saving himself and his mother. He clears all evidence and drowns Marion in a swamp along with her car.

(Screaming and expletives. The Gautam personality takes over.)
Veera drowns the woman he (Meenakshi amma) killed into a huge tank of water. But, before this he cuts a tuft of her hair, without the blood spilling on it, and gives it to Meenakshi amma, who keeps it as a memorabilia.

(Sniffing of the nose. The Bharathiraja split-personality shows up.)
Once Dileep kills the woman, he offers the video footage of the killing as a visual treat to his godfather, who stays locked in the outhouse. He also keeps each woman’s inner garment as a prize collection.

(Violent shaking of head again. Hitchcock takes over.)
Detective Arbogast grows suspicious that there is something going on at Norman’s motel and decides to investigate. Before he goes in, he calls up Marion’s sister and tells her that Marion had stayed at the motel.

(Gautam comes back)
Having conveyed the information, the stout man who informed the police, in a moment of bravery, jumps over the compound wall and into Veera’s house. He is immediately attacked by dogs that pounce on him.

(Hitchcock takes over)
Detective Arbogast falls to his death from the top of the stairs. Death is the price he pays for deciding to snoop within Norman’s house.

(Bharathiraja returns)
Sharada is trapped inside the house with the knowledge that Dileep is a psychotic, who kills every woman after seducing her. She is overcome by fear and attempts to leave the house but Dileep arrives. Learning that she knows his secret, he is enraged and decides to kill her.

(Bang! Gautam!)
Sameer decides that Sukanya needs to be treated like all the other women and decides to torture her.

(Snap! Gautam’s new split personality called Shankar shows up.)
Anniyan wants to kill Nandini but the Remo character in Ambi does not want her to die. So a quick-shifting argument occurs between the Remo and Anniyan personalities. Anniyan is convinced that Remo & Ambi are stupid and don’t know what is right.

(Hitchcock takes over)
Noticing that Detective Arbogast has not shown up, Marion’s sister Lila and her boyfriend Sam decide to go to the motel to investigate. Sam distracts Norman at his motel office, while Lila goes into the house. Lila enters the underground cellar of the house. Herein lies Norman’s secret – the skeleton of his mother in a chair.

While the police inspector is involved in a brawl with Veera, Sukanya finds herself in Veera’s secret underground hideout, where he has tied up two women, Revathy and Sharada.

Sharada runs freaked out on the streets, as she is chased by Dileep, who wants to kill her. But, Dileep falls over a cross in a graveyard and hurts his shoulder.

Sukanya shoots at Veera and wounds him in his leg and shoulder (she had earlier stabbed him there). The inspector manages to bring Sameer under control and tells Sukanya that she did well, everything is fine and that…

…there is no need to worry says the inspector as Sharada faints on his shoulder. Dileep is captured by the police and…

…Norman Bates is hospitalized. At the hospital, the psychologists learn about his past and his split personality disorder.

Veera recounts his whole life, partly as himself, partly as Sameer and partly as Meenakshi amma.

We learn that Norman brought up his mother’s dead body to his house and imagined that she was alive. The doctors proceed to explain his peculiar case. The film ends.

The end of the interrogation

So who is this Gautam, who has narrated the story of Nadunisi Naaigal, while suffering from split personality himself? It is still not very clear. Who is the split personality and who is the real person? Bharathiraja, Hitchcock, Gautam or Shankar? Are there any more personalities? While the doctors and police rack their brains over these questions, the only statement they are willing to make is, “We have never seen such a peculiar case before in our lives! Upon further study of such subjects, we would be able to comment meaningfully.”

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